Transmission of intention

This video installation consists of two elements: the voice of “prophet (a man who insists that he himself is a prophet and can hear the voice of the internal spirit) “ whom I happened to meet in a town, and the moving image of my hand (I moved it to the sound of the “prophet’s” voice).

The prophecy is transmitted from “spirit” (only the “prophet” can hear its voice) to “prophet” (the sound of this movie), to “a hand of the artist himself”, and finally to “audience” through parametric speaker of this work.

This work aims to represent the way to the origin of “mind”.


“Prophet”(Solo Exhibitions)
9/14 ` 9/25/2011
Gallery @KCUA, Kyoto

Ogaki Biennale
9/6 ` 9/16/2013

“Artist and Prophet”
1/15 ` 2/2/2014