Eating the Body.

I made the “alternative soy-sauce” by using human hair as its material.
In this exhibition, I exhibited soy sauce that was made by hair of people in various generations, genders and races, while at the same time I put the photographs of them on the wall of the gallery. On the desks, some video works show the process of making the alternative soy sauce (that is, the process of cutting hairs, making them into soy sauce, and finally eating it). During the exhibition, “mixed soy sauce”, which was made by ordinary soy sauce and the “alternative soy sauce” was distributed to the audiences.

This work aimed to explore what the body (or individual) is through revealing the data of individual life and body much clearer by changing hair, which function as a symbol of individual identity, into the soy sauce.

“Won the prize at Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art 2007”
Taro Okamoto Museum of Art

8.22 - 9.17.2007
CASO / Osaka