Dead person/Living person 



Composite mirror for death and life

“Death is no longer an absolute thing”— this phrase is believed to be the one that the Lumière brothers uttered when they invented cinematograph, though it’s uncertain whether they really said like that. This utterance, I think, does not merely mean that the dead people can live and walk freely in the world of cinema, but also implicates that movie fundamentally bears “death” in its nature.

(a video showing my grandmother talks about her past memories, which was taken 5 years before she died, and another video which shows the dying grandmother)
(a video showing the artist telling his grandmother’s past memories)

This video installation consists of two voices (or songs) and moving images, and aims to reveal the “death” which exists in our “life”, not just tracing the figure of “living people who is heading for death”. As I inherit features of my face and songs from my ancestors, eventually I will inherit “death” itself from them.

“Graduation Exhibition”
2/11 `2/15/2009
Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto

2/11 ` 2/15/2010
Suntory Museum, Osaka

Takafumi Kobuki's interview
Megumi Takashima's review

3/11 ` 3/16/2009
Yokohama ZAIM, Kanagawa
Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto

4/26 ` 5/5/2009
Rissei Elementary School, Kyoto

Ogaki Biennale
9/6 ` 9/16/2013