confirm and transmit

As it is impossible to tell other people “the sound I’m hearing” perfectly, it’s also difficult to make others realize the fact that I’m living. This movie aims to show “what it is like to live” by using “dead” meat. In this work, I’m beating the meat to my heart sound, listening to it with a stethoscope.

This work is also an archive of my aging body, and audience will receive some comical impressions through viewing my not-so-beautiful body. In addition, in old movies, the sound effects of heart sound was the sound of beating a lump of flesh.




“Me’tis –fighting art—“
Gallery @KCUA, Kyoto,
Megumi Takashima's review

Transfiguration of Aesthetic Sense
Osaka City Central Public Hall, Osaka

Ushimado Asia Triennale
Setouchi City Museum of Art
Ushimadoseasidehall , Okayama