We can recognize a presence of something more strongly when it doesn’t appear.

In this work, I aimed to show the process of changing “food” into “body” and then into “soap” through distributing soap, to which my urine had been added, to the audiences, while also exhibiting my leftovers from the day when I collected that urine. In fact, the process that was represented through this work lacks “body” which should exist between “food” and “soap”, so that the audiences can strongly imagine the absent body.

This work aims to make audiences feel “the presence of human” in an exhibition space with just soap and leftovers through hiding my own body and using soap, which would be disappeared when it is distributed to the audiences. I made this work inspired by the fact that the soap with urine of holy cows is being sold and consumed in India. Despite the dirtiness of urine, people believe that they can reach certain holiness by keep rubbing the cow’s urine into their skins.


ast day


CUBIC “Gallery Iteza, Kyoto