Itoh+Bak is an artist group of Nobuaki Itoh and Younghyo Bak.



This video work consists of 100 cuts that show papers with numbers from 00 to 99 on each surface, which are shot by Handycam camera in various places using only a zoom-out method.

In this work, the cuts flow from 00 to 99, and then back again to 00 and continue in a same manner, so that it looks as if the same cuts just repeat themselves eternally. However, in fact we shot these images 10 times on each places, and those 10 images subtly differ from each other because of the accidentally captured people or camera shakes.
This work consists of 1000 different cuts(100places×10patterns).



In the installation work, a computer program selects 1 cut from 10 different ones, edit and present them in real time.
As a result, one hundred to the tenth power (1-googol) combinations arise.

Although 1 googol is much more than the number of atoms that exist in this observable universe, audiences wrongly believe that they are watching the same “one image”.

This “moving images which seem to repeat but actually do not repeat” arouse the feeling of “not having watched this image before”, in spite of actually watching the same image already.

Through this mechanism, we aim to make audiences feel the false déjà-vu^jamais-vu, and some experiences of parallel world and time warp.

CASO, Osaka